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Freelance Total Rewards is not just one person. We have a team of associates eager to help you develop awesome solutions to your C&B challenges. Associates currently include:

  • Dedicated freelancers with Freelance Total Rewards
  • Branded freelancers who have their own company set-up, whom I pull in regularly
  • Current or ex-clients who want to help and do help out as they are available
  • Corporate HR/C&B people (even some consultants) who assist on the side
  • Partners, such as 21st Century in J’burg South Africa; WorldatWork; HRD-Future, SNEF, HRMBSi, WARD, CSR Consulting, and others in the past or on the horizon.

Our services include:

  • Rewards strategy, philosophy and planning
  • Base pay framework: job evaluation, benchmarking, range structures and annual salary review
  • Pay for performance design, addressing base- and variable-pay linkages
  • Incentive design: corporate bonus, sales compensation, profit sharing, gainsharing
  • Total rewards planning – right mix of compensation, benefits, work-life, recognition and development opportunity
  • Global mobility strategies, policies, tool kits and localization/local plus
  • Executive compensation and individual contract recommendations or hands-on negotiation, esp for cross-border cases
  • Comp 101 for internal HR or C&B teams, or for managers
  • Custom industry/niche compensation surveys
  • Employee handbook review and preparation, including benefits, wage & hour practices

I have paid nearly half a million dollars to my associates since starting in 2013. Our reach is global. In the last year, we’ve helped clients with projects involving virtually every Asian country, as well as North American, Europe, Middle East and Africa locations.

There are three big things the big firms have, that we don’t have:

  1. a big headquarters in New York City
  2. revenue targets and rates based on New York City rates
  3. egos the size of New York City

We don’t have 20,000 associates in 60 countries, like the big firms do. But we have the right people in the right places at the right time, when you need them. 

FTR Family Photo
FTR Family Photo, May 2020

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