Mobility Policy Review

Are your company’s international assignments being managed consistently and effectively? Or is there too much negotiation taking place with each new assignment or transfer? If your company’s expatriate and transfer policies and terms vary from person to person–even a little–it can lead to very costly outcomes for your business.

Based on several years’ experience in the development of effective mobility policies in a wide range of industries, I am pleased to announce Mobility Policy Reviews. Your mobility policy today might be called one of the following:

  • International transfer policy
  • International Assignment Policy
  • Global Mobility Policy
  • Expatriate Assignment Policy
  • Long-Term Assignment Policy

Any policy covering the hiring, transfer or temporary assignment of talent across borders counts as global mobility.

Mobility Policy

Scope of Services

I will do the following, or any combination of these according to your company’s needs:

  1. Review your current policy(ies) and current international assignments (locations, purpose, duration, etc.)
  2. Recommend consolidation or segmentation of mutiple policies
  3. Interview leaders to understand your company’s objectives and challenges relating to global mobility, including views on purpose, cost, governance, localisation, repatriation, talent alignment and other areas.
  4. Online survey of expatriates/assignees to get their constructive inputs and prioritise their concerns
  5. Benchmarking of your policies against industry norms, based on leading surveys
  6. Identification and prioritisation of gaps, with specific recommendations
  7. Summary of recomendations with back up, to support internal review/approval
  8. Draft new policy or policy sections, for review and approval
  9. Specific recommendation on mobility-related service providers and methodologies for allowances
  10. Finalisation of new policy document

Assignment Types

I will review/develop policies for the following Assignment types:

  1. Long-Term Assignment–temporary assignments of one year or longer
  2. Short-Term Assignment–temporary assignments of 3 to 12 months
  3. Permanent Transfer–one way international moves, no intent to repatriate
  4. Localisation of expatriates to local or local plus


Fees are generally based on the size and complexity of your mobility programme:

Small–companies with less than 10 expatriates, normally involving a single home country and less than 5 host countries. Fee is S$10,000, and includes up to three assignment types.

Midsize–companies with a significant mobile population from 10-25 expatriates, generally involving up to three home countries and up to 10 host countries. Fees range from S$15,000  to $20,000 and includes the three assignment types shown above, plus one additional assignment type at the discretion of the client, such as developmental assignment, locally hired foreigner (local plus), or career expatriate.

Large–companies with large and complex mobility programmes, having over 25 expatriates and a very large number of host locations. Fees range from S$30,000 to $50,000 and includes the assignment types shown above, plus two additional assignment types at the discretion of the client, such as developmental assignment, locally hired foreigner (local plus), or career expatriate.

Fees are negotiable depending on your company’s specific needs and agreed scope of services.

Estimated Timing

Timing for mobility policy reviews and rewriting will vary from case to case, generally dependent upon client factors (internal reviews, internal delays, etc.). If there are no client-side delays, timing is as follows, generally.

Small–up to four (4) weeks

Midsize–up to eight (8) weeks

Large–up to twelve (12) weeks

Contact Freelance Total Rewards to inquire about a mobility policy review for your company.

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