Training and Instructional Design

Training of rewards and mobility professionals is essential. These are true professions with a defined body of knowledge, skills, tools and value to organizations. A company can either “make or buy” talent. In the long run, companies know that developing your own talent is more effective–and more cost-effective–than going outside. Learning and development are essential processes and are an integral part of the culture at the best employers.

Training for Certification

I recommend rewards professionals consider WorldatWork’s many certification programmes (WorldatWork CCP and GRP). These are locally offered in Singapore through the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), and in Hong Kong through HKIHRM (2017 HKIHRM certification courses (CCP). Also consider total rewards certification through the ASEAN Total Rewards Institute, which I co-founded with Mr. Federico R. Marquez Jr. in Manila, Philippines. See the ATRI website for more information.

For mobility professionals, I recommend Worldwide ERC’s Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) certification program. SNEF is an Approved Training Organisation, offering Human Resources WSQ (workforce skills qualifications) courses for Singaporeans, with government subsidies provided.

Competency-based Training

Head knowledge is good for passing tests, but job performance requires skills and attitude (desire). True “competency” requires all three: knowledge, skills and attitude. I have developed and delivered several proprietary courses, offered publicly as well as customised in-house courses for clients, in the areas of total rewards, global mobility.

Since 2014, I have developed and delivered custom training on rewards for both HR and line managers, helping more than 1,000 participants understand and communicate about pay more effectively. Learners ranged from factory line supervisors to CEOs. Even a university president was my student. Course duration ranges from a half-day to 2 full days, but usually one day. The material was contextualised for each location and audience, as appropriate.

Training material and delivery are designed and developed according to adult learning principles, including active learning, accommodation of different learning styles (visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic) and constructivism. Gagne’s 9-part learning model is used to maximise achievement of learning outcomes.

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Competency Assessment

What is the use of training if it does not impact work performance for the learner?  If you want to ensure competency, I can develop a custom assessment for you.

Training Experience and Qualification

I have developed and delivered training courses for several organizations including WorldatWork, Mercer, Hewitt and Human Capital Singapore. I am currently being approached by other organisations to develop and/or deliver courses and workshops. I am currently on a global task force for WorldatWork to develop exam items for a new Senior Compensation Professional certification. I can deliver training on behalf of these organisations, either in their normally scheduled offerings, or potentially as an exclusive client-specific class.

In 2014, I completed ACTA certification (Advanced Degree in Training and Assessment) at Singapore’s Institute for Adult Learning, considered the “gold standard” in Asia and mandatory for teaching and developing courseware for Singapore’s Workforce Development Agency (WDA) Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework. See ‘Now ACTA Certified‘ for more information.

I promise your classes will be lively, interactive and enjoyable. I believe the first 20 minutes are critical because if people feel they have been “sentenced to listen to an expert” they will quickly lose interest. Therefore, icebreakers, introductions and other methods are used to get people connected fast. I generally stop talking and allow for discussion at least every 15 minutes.

As a former corporate total rewards practitioner with fifteen years of management-level experience in total rewards and mobility, and with seven years experience as a senior/principal consultant with Hewitt and Mercer, I have worked alongside the very best and brightest minds in the total rewards and mobility fields, globally. What I teach, I have done. Having consulted more than 100 companies, I have no lack of stories to tell, examples to give, etc. Most likely I have experience with your industry, or a similar industry.

Feedback from Learners

“Everything was useful especially the overview of “what makes up Total Rewards”, sample questions & role play in the session was useful.” (Talking about Pay participant)

“Tom’s model of total rewards is better than WorldatWork’s model.” (Total Rewards Strategies participant)

“I actually got all the replies I needed, about (company) process specifics, insights on difficult questions from employees and how to answer them. Also, got to know better some of my colleagues.” (In-house compensation training course for managers)

“Tom is a very engaging & entertaining trainer. He encouraged & thanked participants for their questions. Session was lively.” (Talking about Pay participant)


The following topics are available. As noted, I can deliver existing material on behalf of the above organisations, in most cases, or I can provide my own proprietary material. I frequently use material developed by other organizations, with their permission, in order to present what I feel is the best material available. This is the advantage of being a freelancer!

Total Rewards Topics

  • Compensation 101 for HR: Fundamental compensation principles and practices
  • Compensation 102 for HR: Practical skill-building for compensation specialists (bring your laptop)
  • Compensation 103–Variable Pay (under development)
  • Talking About Pay: A custom In-house course for managers who need to make pay decisions, communicate them and own them (alternate title: “Understanding Pay, Explaining Pay”)
  • Total Reward Strategies: Aligning rewards to support business and talent objectives; regional rewards management; using pay mix and market positioning; life cycle and cost/cash considerations; flex/choice and other intangibles
  • The Complete Total Rewards Professional – One day immersion in total rewards
  • Flexible Work Arrangements for HR (2 days) – the why and how of implementing FWAs, with 5 case studies, sample policy material and practical advice
  • Flexible Work Arrangements for Managers (1 day) – designed for managers who must review and approve (or not) specific FWA requests
  • Managing Performance without Ratings – from headlines to reality–should your organisation drop use of ratings? If so, how? If not, can you improve your PM system?
  • Sales Compensation – Three basic models; case studies; aligning comp based on sales responsibility; pay mix; target setting; cap or no cap, etc.

Mobility Topics

  • Global Mobility: Talent Crossing Borders
    • Full Day/Two Day versions available

In addition, custom training can be developed to cover any or all the following topics

  • Setting up a mobility programme
  • Managing international assignments
  • Compensating mobile talent
  • Aligning mobility and talent management
  • How to reduce mobility program costs

Formats and Materials

I can create and deliver half-day, full day, or 2-day courses, based on your needs. I can provide learner’s workbooks, exercises, references, and of course PowerPoint slides. You may receive soft copy in PDF for internal use, if desired.

Working with Corporate HR and Rewards Clients

Contact me to discuss your needs. I can research publicly available courses for you and help you determine whether that is the best solution for your company’s needs. If no publicly available course fits your needs, I can develop a custom training solution for you, Third party courses are subject to the fees required by the third party. My fees are negotiable, and generally a bit cheaper.

Working with Event Organizers

While I can create and deliver material on total rewards or mobility topics, I am not able to fill seats as well as a good event organizer can! I welcome the opportunity to work with top tier event organizers to offer courses their customers are interested in.

Fees and Terms

Fees for delivery of training can vary, but generally I require a minimum of SGD $1,750 per full day of instruction, plus any travel and accommodation costs. Additional fees may apply for extensive customisation or development of new course material, depending on the extent of research and contextualisation required, and other client needs.

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