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Freelance Total Rewards

Welcome to Freelance Total Rewards, a Singapore-based management consultancy helping organisations implement more effective total rewards and mobility practices to achieve their global business strategies through their people. As a global total rewards centre of excellence, we help clients through consulting and customised learning opportunities. Our large and growing freelance network enables us to engage the right expertise as and when clients need it, avoiding enormous overhead costs.

Mission—To advance effective total rewards and mobility practices in Asia.

Vision—Employers and their people thriving together globally through smart rewards practices.

Business strategy—to enhance rewards practices in organisations by:
1) consulting clients to develop solutions to meet their unique needs, and
2) offering unique, targeted learning opportunities to HR professionals

Philosophy—the following beliefs underpin all client services:

  • clients and their challenges are unique; therefore, listening, understanding, feedback and adjustment are normal and essential to success
  • solution design requires fact finding and analysis to determine the unique objectives, root causes, related issues, solution components and success factors, etc.
  • a problem generally involves multiple factors/drivers, often outside the scope or focus of the requested advice or project; solutions must therefore be holistic and include recommendations that may go beyond project scope
  • clients turn to consultants due to lack of expertise, resources or internal credibility, or a combination; the consultant must carefully supplement the client in these areas, not replace them
  • any client engagement should be a growing and learning experience
  • respect is essential and client “face” must be preserved at all times; yet a good consultant must deliver the “painful truth” to the client in an appropriate and constructive manner when necessary
  • a good consultant will be more than an expert for hire, but be a trusted advisor, adding more value than expected, consistently.
  • professional fees will reflect actual consulting time and value, but will not be jacked up to cover massive overhead like big firms. Apart from my own salary, my overhead costs as a small firm are less than 10% of fees charged. You can hire me for less than half my rate when I was at the big firms.
  • don’t reinvent the wheel, but don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach either. If an existing solution fits, use it, but ensure it meets all needs

Here’s an e-brochure on the firm: Brochure Freelance Total Rewards.


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