Freelance Total Rewards

Welcome to Freelance Total Rewards, a Singapore-based management consultancy helping organisations implement more effective total rewards and mobility practices to achieve their global business strategies through their people. As a global total rewards centre of excellence, we help clients through consulting and learning opportunities. Our large and growing freelance network enables us to engage the right expertise as and when clients need it, avoiding enormous overhead costs.

Mission—To advance effective total rewards and mobility practices in Asia and the world

Vision—A world where pay practices allow everyone to do their best, and not think about pay.

Business strategy—to enhance rewards practices through:
1) smarter practices: consulting clients to develop solutions to meet their unique needs, and
2) smarter practitioners: offering unique, targeted learning opportunities to HR professionals

Philosophy—the following beliefs underpin all client services:

  • Always start with listening, fact finding and identifying a purpose. Without why, what and how won’t work.
  • Problems are usually complex. Productized solutions alone rarely work to actually solve problems.
  • Clients turn to consultants due to lack of expertise, resources or internal credibility, or a combination
  • Consultants should carefully “supplement” and enhance the client in these areas, not replace them
  • Client engagements should be a growing and learning experience for both the client and consultant
  • Respect is essential and client “face” must be preserved at all times
  • A good consultant must deliver the painful truth to the client in an appropriate and constructive manner
  • People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care

Here’s an e-brochure on the firm: Brochure Freelance Total Rewards.

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