Local Plus/Localisation Solution

Who Needs Local Plus and Localisation?

There was a time, not too long ago, when there were “locals” and there were the “expats”. Correspondingly, there were local packages and expat packages, which included–almost without exception–tax protection, company-paid housing, cost of living allowance, international schooling, home leave and other benefits such as international medical or pension. Package costs represented 2 to 3 times the assignee’s salary, often more.

Those days are gone.

In addition to traditional expatriate packages, employers in Sjngapore and other major Asian business hubs are using “local plus” packages to secure non-local talent, to save costs and due to the increased supply of foreign talent in the region.

In 2009, I developed and introduced a Local Plus policy which has until today saved the company more than $5 million in housing costs alone. Since then, I have been a frequent speaker and consultant on the topic of localisation and local plus approaches to securing foreign talent in Asia.  There is no single right way to develop a local plus package, but there are certainly a number of core principles.

I will prepare and deliver a free briefing on localisation and local plus practices and trends for your organziation, as I have for several well-known MNCs and SMEs.

If interested, I will develop a custom solution for your company, a plan for localisation of talent, localisation of packages, reduction in overall cost, and better talent management outcomes. Few people can link these all together, and it takes an employer who has vision of their ideal workforce composition, who is under cost pressure, and who has the courage and experience to pull off a transformation.

Scope of Services and Deliverables

  • Complimentary briefing on localisation and local plus trends and practices in Singapore and other key Asian locations
  • Written assessment of current state, covering use of foreign talent, local talent pipeline, package (total cost) profiles, barriers and enablers of localisation
  • Specific opportunities and recommendations, with pros/cons
  • Written Local Plus Policy and Procedures
  • Review and revision of your current policy on localisation of expatriates
  • Suggested action/implementation strategy (staging, timing, approach)
  • Implementation support

Fees and Timing

Fees and timing will vary based on scope and complexity of the issues, but generally, fees will range from S$5,000-10,000, depending on the size of your mobile workforce.

Optional custom survey of selected industry competitors, available for additional S$6,000, subject to successful solicitation of participants. This will provide you an understanding of what your selected key competitors are doing in this area. All participants will receive a free overall survey summary report.

Contact Freelance Total Rewards for more information on Local Plus and Localisation for your company.

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