Associates and Partners

I am proud to present my associates. My team consists of highly experienced professionals, each with corporate experience generally ranging from 15 to 25 years. We know the real world challenges that you face, and know when a consultant is most useful. We therefore know how to determine what you need most, how work with you, how to complement and develop your team, and how to leave you better off than when we started.

The above family montage was taken in 2019. The team actually includes others in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and several Asian countries. In this photo alone, you are looking over 100 years of consulting experience, over 200 years of corporate experience, over 10 books authored, several CHROs, entrepreneurs, and award winners. Our consultants know how to listen and understand your situation, know how to craft solutions that work, and know how to work as consultants.

We are a gig economy firm. We do not employ people full time and load with revenue targets to cover enormous NYC headquarters overheads. We don’t create technology products then try to convince you that you need it. We work on a client-by-client, project by project basis, first understanding the client’s needs, then forming the right team and delivering the work. Most clients become repeat clients.

Next time you need reward consulting, give us a try.


We collaborate regularly with data providers, including compensation benchmark data and mobility data. On the training and certification side, we partner with several event and training companies with reach to tens of thousands of HR practitioners seeking to learn.

We respect copyrights and never give or sell third party data, but instead we eagerly refer our clients to the data providers we feel can best help them based on location and industry, etc.

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