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Rewards Programme Design

Your company needs attractive pay and benefits programmes to attract the talent you need to run your business. At the least, you need to offer compensation, benefits and time off that candidates and employees feel is competitive compared to other companies seeking to attract or retain the same talent.

I have extensive experience in designing, implementing and managing the most common pay and benefits schemes, including:

  • base pay structures, ranges, titles, annual reviews
  • cash allowances
  • annual bonuses and incentives
  • specialised productivity incentives
  • sales incentives
  • profit sharing plans
  • health benefits
  • retirement benefits
  • time-off benefits and policies
  • cash or non-cash recognition and rewards
  • employee discounts and perquisites

My approach is to first understand your business and talent requirements, demographic profiles of current and future talent, as well as your budget with respect to the cost of potential rewards programmes. I can obtain (at your cost) market prevalence data to conduct benchmarking for you, and recommend the best investments in rewards programmes, considering your talent requirements and your budget constraints. I will engage the stakeholders you identify, such as finance or business unit leaders as well as HR. All program designs include a detailed report with recommendations, supporting information and proposed design details. I will also assist you with implementation and communication, to ensure your programmes are effective and impactful on attracting and retaining talent.

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