Expatriate Package Design

If you have just one international assignment, or multiple international assignments per year, Freelance Total Rewards can construct the package for you. With years of experience preparing contracts–including letter of assignment, determination of allowances, housing budgets, tax treatment, etc.–we can put together the right terms that will get the selected assignee to say ‘yes’ at the lowest possible budget, consistent with your policy and assignment objectives.

If you do not already have access to third party data on costs of goods and services, housing or tax rates, I will find the best source for you and recommend the most cost-effective solution, and arrange for quick delivery of that information from the vendor on your behalf. You will pay the actual costs of such third party data.

You provide:

  • assignment objective and expected duration
  • job level and candidate profile
  • home and host locations
  • accompanying family size
  • international assignment policy (or we can help you develop one)
  • how similar assignments are being handled (for any applicable precedents that may predate current policy)

We will provide

  • draft letter of assignment
  • cost of living allowance (if applicable; you may need to pay cost of data)
  • housing budget recommendation
  • hardship allowance recommendation (if applicable)
  • education benefits
  • home leave entitlement
  • tax approach (you may need to engage a tax advisor depending on the approach)
  • relocation, temp accommodation, storage, relocation allowances
  • recommendation on cultural or language training


  • Assignment packages will normally be completed within one week, from point of having receiving 100% of information needed from client


  • SGD $1,500 per assignee for 1 week turnaround for policy-conforming cases
  • $2,000 for 3-day turnaround OR for more complex/exceptional/negotiated cases
  • The above costs exclude third-party data costs (e.g. COLA, tax or housing), which are passed through to the client

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