Why “Freelance?”

Clients Deserve Objectivity

I chose the name Freelance Total Rewards because I have developed loyal clients and a reputation that is not dependent on the firm I am with. Mercer sells Mercer solutions. KornFerry HayGroup sells KornFerry Hay solutions, etc. I have trained more than 100 consultants from Hay or Mercer or Towers, and I know their products. I have consulted more than 100 companies and I know how they feel about the various firms and their products and consultants. I have also been in corporate roles for 20 years and know what works well depending on a company’s size and culture and industry.

I will help a client develop their practices, methods and data sourcing in a way that best fits their exact needs.

If my client needs comp and benefits data, I will help them select the best source to fit their needs, whether that is 21st Century (ideal for Singapore; see RewardOnline) or the big firm surveys (ideal for big multinationals). If my client needs mobility data or technology tools from AIR-INC or Mercer, I will help them evaluate their choices objectively. If someone needs reloation and destination services, I may refer them to Brookfield or Graebel or SIRVA or Crown or Cartus, or Santa Fe or others… I am free to recommend which ones have a good reputation and market presence in their location or industry.


I am not alone. I have associate consultants in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. Some associates work with me on a regular basis and are part of Freelance Total Rewards. Associates also include independent freelancers, or highly experienced people who are in between jobs or taking a career break. We are craftsmen and women who love what we do and strive for excellence in everything we do for our clients. See Associates.

Wide Network

My associates and I are very well connected with other experts, providers, trainers, consultants and of course, practitioners in corporate leadership or operational roles, whom we can call on based on personal or professional relationship, to request assistance, advice or quick information. It’s all based on trust, integrity, fairness and ethical business practices. I never give or sell or present data from a third party, unless I get the firm’s permission to do so.

A Universe of Resources

When your only tool is a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail.

No single firm, no matter how large, “has it all”. In fact, many large HR firms boasting a “comprehensive” offering of HR services, tend to be the most “productised” companies. This is not entirely a bad thing, but what you normally get is a very standardised solution, addressing much but not all your company’s needs. In other words, if your problem resembles a “nail” even slightly, they will recommend you hit the nail with their “hammer.” It’s their way of being profitable, and it can save you money…if you have a “standard” problem and an “average” company. I have worked for two of the largest and best HR consulting firms–Hewitt and Mercer–and in my 15 years of corporate rewards management, I have hired and fired many, many consulting firms and service providers of various sorts. I can tell you no one delivers everything you need. But total solutions can happen right when you construct the right virtual team of internal and external resources.

My approach is to use the right tool, even if I have to design a unique “hammer”, to solve your unique HR challenges.

Better Value for Money

Virtual Firm = Low Overhead = Lower Fees

I am not a “budget” consultant. My fees aren’t cheap, but they are not exorbitant either. For you, the client, you get what you pay for. This cannot be said for the big firms with New York City headquarters. (See A Virtual Firm.) My rates are far less than what you have to pay the big firms. Generally, you will get double the value for money working with Freelance Total Rewards, compared to the big firms (unless having 20,000 consultants is valuable to you.)

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