FTR Asia PayPulse Survey

Since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we at Freelance Total Rewards believe business planning will no longer be an annual Q3 event, but an ongoing process that is both responsive and strategic. We created Asia’s first agile pay planning survey, initially called the FTR Asia Compensation Planning Survey, which many described as “more realistic” than big firm survey results. With over 500 company locations in 22 countries, our first year survey exceeded expectations.

This year, we are partnering with Alf Carlesäter of GROW HR Consulting, to include a mini-survey on COVID-age global mobility practices. Complete this section to get the report, which will highlight the use of virtual cross-border assignments. Share this page with your global mobility manager if you are unable to complete this section.

Join the survey by clicking here. You will be directed to the survey form on Qualtrics.

For 2021, we have modified and reduced the overall size of the survey to ensure the survey items are those most relevant to planning decisions for the coming year, as employers move from somewhat reactive pay strategies (drawing upon legacy pay philosophies) back to more deliberate pay strategies based in many cases on new pay philosophies.

The survey remains free of charge for participants. It is 100% confidential, as we do not even ask for the name of your company. Participants are not listed. Figures by country and industry must be based on three or more data points, so as to not allow any person to infer what another company in their industry/country is budgeting.

Contact us at with any questions or suggestions.

Images from our last survey: