Mobility Provider Intermediary

Need expert guidance when selecting a mobility data provider or service provider? Don’t know the difference between AIR-INC, ECA, Mercer, Mercer/ORC, or other data providers? Confused about the difference between COLA methods and all the different indexes? Wondering whether to use hardship allowances, and whether to use a host-only or a home-host approach? I can help you sort this out, select the right method, the right provider and help you configure your subscription to get the most value for your budget.

If you have a growing number of expatriates and need a good provider of mobility related services, I can guide you through the selection process. If you already have a mobility provider and are unhappy with the value you are receiving, I can help remedy the situation, or help you find a new provider.

As an objective, impartial mobility expert, I can help you:

  • validate and define your needs or issues
  • match the data provider to your needs
  • match the data methodologies for COLA, hardship and housing allowances to your needs
  • help you resolve your issues with your current provider, if possible
  • scope requirements and write an RFP
  • identify your shortlist of providers to be invited to bid and provide contacts
  • collaborate with your procurement team, if needed
  • help you establish a budget and budget request to gain internal approval
  • identify and screen potential vendors
  • manage the sourcing process (or co-manage with procurement)
  • score and evaluate proposals
  • assist you with your selection (or decision to keep your current vendor)
  • negotiate with new (or current) provider
  • contracting: service agreements, engagement letters, statement of work, etc.
  • help implement and communicate changes to stakeholders


To ensure objectivity, I will be transparent about how I get paid for my services. In some instances, a mobility data/service provider may pay me a referral fee, in which case you pay me nothing for the above services. If I have no referral arrangement with a provider,  you will pay me a fee equal to a small percentage of your service contract. Where possible, I will seek to be paid by the service provider rather than you.

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