I took a walk with my wife

Malaysia from Singapore

Work has been very busy, thankfully. Monday, I took a day off and had asked my wife to take a vacation day so we could enjoy a long weekend and just unplug a bit.

We took the train to the northern shore of Singapore with Malaysia just across the water. It was peaceful, safe and clean (like the rest of Singapore.) a nice lunch, 10km of walking in perfect weather and a chili crab dinner at Punggol Settlement.

Lorong Halus Red Bridge

Married 33 years, we are still fools for adventure, even if we cannot fly much these days. On many levels it was very rewarding.

The point of it was to enjoy life, to live. Call it work-life balance if you like, but I took this initiative, not to achieve work-life balance, but to just enjoy life. Yes, life away from work.

As a total rewards thinker, this day off—a memory my wife and I will cherish the rest of our lives—is in fact a great example of the need to step back, to trust that the world (and my clients) can survive one day without me, to trust God will provide for me though I still have proposals to write.

No one can be responsible for your happiness or engagement but you. Whether it’s a day, a week or just an hour, take a break. Breathe fresh air, enjoy someone or some place (or some good food) and just live. You work hard, you’ve done your part. Trust heaven for the rest.

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