Global Total Rewards—2016 Review

The mission of Freelance Total Rewards is to advance effective total rewards and mobility practices in Asia. Let me share how we, as a profession, have advanced in 2016, from my direct observation. Based on hundreds of interactions with clients, consultants, students and various HR and rewards practitioners, I have seen the following developments in 2016. … More Global Total Rewards—2016 Review

Global vs. Local—striking the right balance

“It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission” the saying goes. You’re in charge of compensation & benefits for a country, for a region, or for the entire company and you want to be effective in your job which requires a balancing act: building trust and customer focus, yet ensuring control and … More Global vs. Local—striking the right balance

My promises to you

Just finished a very restful vacation over Christmas and New Years’ holidays. Had time to reflect on many things. So my first task of the year is to make three promises to you. Promise #1: We will grow You and I both will suffocate if we allow ourselves to live and work within boxes or silos, … More My promises to you