Ending Use of Performance Ratings in Asia: An Open Survey Invitation

perf ratingsAll corporate HR and Rewards/Compensation leaders are invited to participate in a free survey on the topic of “Ending Use of Performance Ratings in Asia“, conducted by Freelance Total Rewards Pte Ltd.

Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Juniper Networks and others are dropping the use of performance ratings because of dissatisfaction with use of labels, individual competition, focusing on the past or other reasons. Instead of using ratings, these companies are asking their managers to manage performance throughout the year, focus on team outcomes and make pay decisions without the use of ratings mechanisms.

The purpose of this survey is to equip HR leaders with information to help them assess readiness for ending the use of performance ratings in Asia, and to provide insights into the specific drivers, enablers and barriers to ending the use of ratings–both general and location-specific.The survey consists of 11 questions. As a participant, valid corporate respondents will receive a free copy of the results All responses will be kept confidential. The survey will run through 30 April 2015. Results will be published to participants by 30 June, 2015.
Click HERE to enter the survey, which is hosted by Qualtrics.
Tom Farmer
Freelance Total Rewards Pte Ltd (Singapore)

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