Make the Time Count

I am a firm believer in living in the real AND the virtual world. The real physical (analog) world involves the people and things you see and hear and touch. The virtual (digital) world consists of the people and information you can reach with the help of technology, be it your phone, skype, email, cloud, etc.  ALL of these are real and all are important.

In the last week I have interacted with about 20 people in 7 countries to evaluate ideas, make decisions, share files, build relationships and conduct business while only a few were physically present.

I was in a taxi when a client called and needed a file. No worries! I went to my Dropbox app on my iPhone to find the file and sent it with about 5 taps on the gorilla glass with my thumb. Only a few years ago I would have said “wait til I get back to my computer.” A minute later I checked my email and the client said they were able to download the document from the url.

We all need to get on board with the technology that allows us to do things NOW, if it is up to us alone.

Read my blog on being virtual :

This weekend ask yourself “how can I be more responsive to my clients/customers/boss by using technology?

Make the time count.


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