Giving back to Singapore

NTUC recently proposed a Fair Retrenchment Framework, including protection for the Singapore “core.” This is great and makes perfect sense. Being based and registered in Singapore, my firm only uses local freelancers on an ongoing basis, although many foreign freelancers approach me about joining my team of associates. Occasionally, I use foreign talent when necessary, … More Giving back to Singapore

Merit looks back. Let’s look forward.

Attention rewards thinkers. We have been “paying for performance” for decades, giving “merit” increases. This is way better than not differentiating. It is a legal basis for differentiating pay and a smart one. But merit pay is backward looking, focusing on KPI achievement and other aspects of “performance” the last 12 months. We should be … More Merit looks back. Let’s look forward.

Do Incentives Work?

Why do we offer incentive compensation? For most, we do it because we have always done it, so we keep doing it. Besides, —and here is the second reason— everyone else does. We are conditioned to do what is prevalent. Hey, no one ever got in trouble for doing what is market practice.. No one … More Do Incentives Work?

Comp 102 Today!

Teaching Comp 102 with SNEF today! Using fake data, we will grade a job using an online system (Paterson method), market price jobs using an online survey tool (RewardOnline) , build salary ranges 5 different ways, determine compa-ratios and recommend a salary increase budget. Tomorrow we will build a merit matrix and develop suggested increases … More Comp 102 Today!