Honoring My Mentors

Spent some time today reflecting on how blessed I have been (and still am) to have the best mentors one could ask for in my profession. I am not a self-made man; many have taught and guided me, or occasionally whacked me upside the head.

Here are those who come to mind, from the start:

  • Don Schwager, who taught me that work and serving God can be one
  • Jean Hornback, hired me as Personnel clerk as a student, 1985
  • Jeff Robinson, said in 1985 I’d go far and I’d go fast. He was right.
  • Daniel T. Carroll, consulting legend, whose words resonate since 1986
  • Dr. Fraya Andrews, EMU comp professor, taught me to hit .9 r-square
  • Dr. Jim Conley, told me I’m an ops guy, not staff. He was right.
  • Dr. Richaurd Camp, Performance = Motivation x Ability x Opportunity
  • Jack Behler, my first consulting firm boss in 1989
  • Frank Zyber, bonus brother. Kelly still uses our bonus plan, globally
  • Nancy Fraser, taught me the right attitudes for managing comp
  • Kathy Chiaravalli, taught me all I know about international C&B and more
  • Gary Chicoine, taught me to be politically astute without being political
  • Gary Yezbick, great HR team builder, gave me my first manager role
  • Bob Bradshaw, 100% pure comp nerd, taught me LTI basics
  • Marty Shapiro, best consultant I ever had on the corporate side
  • Robert Powell, friend and confidant as we lived through hell together
  • Jane Romweber, gave me a chance at big firm consulting Hewitt
  • Darcy Eikenberg, gifted giver of strong head medicine
  • Jack Moran, true coach and friend with the right words at the right time
  • Jason Jeffay, best consulting leader I’ve ever known, could sell a $1 million project in a minute
  • Lori Gaytan, gave me life-changing opportunities at IHG
  • Stevan Porter (RIP), truest Servant Leader I have ever known
  • Ceri Ittensohn, best HR leader I ever worked with, starting with good character
  • Tony South, didn’t have to, but gave moral support when I really needed it
  • Dr. Fermin Diez, true friend, chairman, partner and only guy who can teach me new stuff
  • Freddi Marquez Jr., my partner in the Philippines, friend, and inspiration to do the impossible

There are others who have made a big difference in my career, but these are the major influences. To all of you, thank you. I hope to inspire and help others the way you have helped me.

Who are your mentors?

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