Open Survey: Ending Use of Ratings–Deadline Extended

perf ratingsYou must have heard by now. Leading companies such as Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and now Accenture are again leading a new trend: dumping the use of performance ratings. Reasons vary but include manager and employee dissatisfaction with forced ranking, forced “curve”, calibration, and harmful individual competition. In place of ratings, emphasis is now (again) on the old fashioned management skill of communicating frequently with staff about performance expectations, goals, and  manager ownership of pay decisions.

Be Informed with Data and Insights

Is Asia ready for this? Is this a western idea? Will it work in hierarchical cultures? Can managers give effective feedback and make the right pay decisions? What are the enablers and likely barriers of success? Take this 10 minute survey on Ending the Use of Performance Ratings in Asia. Many companies have already responded. The deadline has been extended until end of August 2015.

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    With Accenture joining the list of companies dropping use of ratings, you need information and insights to decide whether this is right for your organisation. Join our open survey on Ending the Use of Ratings in Asia and get the information you need.

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