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Want to Freelance?

10 June, 2015

I have been freelancing for more than two years and I love it. What about you? Are you taking a career break? On Sabbatical? Semi-retired? Between jobs but curious about freelancing? Or maybe you have a full-time job but curious to do a little extra work on the side? A little moonlighting?

Nice thing about consulting is this: clients assume consultants are full of good ideas until you prove them wrong, while many corporate managers assume their HR people don’t have many ideas until you prove them wrong. Good consulting requires both competence and confidence.

Call me. I am aware of client needs on a regular basis, and sometimes the right solution is not a permanent headcount, but rather a one-time project or perhaps an interim assignment.

There is plenty of work for solid professionals in the areas of compensation, benefits and mobility.

If you are interested in freelancing a bit in Singapore, give me a call. Must have at least 10 years of experience and an impressive track record. No need to sell work. Just have to be awesome.

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