New, bite-sized learning from FTR

Can’t take a whole day off work for training? Wish learning could happen on your schedule, and not have to pack it all into a single day, with little time for interaction? Want access to the best instruction, but you have a lot to share as well, and more importantly you want to learn from the experiences of others?

We are happy to introduce Workplace Learning Circles, from FTR, in partnership with Singapore Learning Circles, LearnSG, and other partners to be announced soon.

Background on Learning Circles

For decades, study circles in Sweden have brought together communities of learners interested in a topic. Everyone shares, so learning is multiplied compared to instructor-led learning. Singapore has embraced the concept and is funding early adopters, taking advantage of an enabling technology platform designed specifically for Singapore’s learning needs. The Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) now supports adult educator entrepreneurs wishing to extend learning to individuals as well as employers. Learning circles are a form of community-led blended learning, to use the proper jargon.

An LC consists of a live session where learners physically meet, but also log into the virtual classroom and experience interactive training that is both face to face and online. Material is presented by the facilitator, and learners then get involved with online polls, checking out posted videos and URLs to articles and can post their own ideas, reflections, experiences or resources. This is followed by 1-2 weeks of “asynchronous” online learning, at the learners’ own pace and convenience, using any online device. New material is posted throughout the period to help learners develop a habit of daily learning with new material. Like social media, learners can contribute comments, questions or share links in relation to specific “slides”, and can “like” or rate (positive variations only) or comment on the inputs of others. The result is curated content. Neuroscience has found that learning is much more effective when people spend more time actively receiving, recalling, reflecting and researching a topic, compared to hearing a lecture with minimal time for application.

Learning circles are a form of community-led blended learning

Workplace Learning Circles from FTR

Freelance Total Rewards launched its first learning circle, “Promote Flexible Work Arrangements – DIY Learning Circle” on 9 September, 2017, to test-drive this approach. As an educator, I love it, but it takes some initial adjustment, kind of like using your phone as a music player or getting into a taxi that has no taxi sign on top. I am now committed to using learning circles to supplement our live learning opportunities. Introductory LCs will be free, while more in-depth learning may involve a fee.

Our next learning circle is our first designed exclusively for employers, on the basics of using rewards to attract and retain talent.

For more information or to register, click here for Attract and Retain Talent – Workplace Learning Circle. This will be the first of a series of learning circles leading to a Certificate in Workplace Rewards.

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