Are you ready to manage the annual salary review?

Our mission is to advance better rewards practices, and the annual salary review is the ultimate test.

Are you ready for the upcoming review?

Did you assess your last review? If not, it’s not too late. Use our free and simple Salary Review Assessment.

To help you run a successful annual salary review, now is the time to plan and equip yourself with the essential knowledge and skills, ranging from project management, stakeholder management, data management, pay for performance, budget allocation and control, manager input and approvals.

We have recently validated the competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) needed to manage a successful salary review, based on input from experienced regional rewards leaders. We have incorporated this knowledge into consulting and training offers you may find useful:

Annual Salary Review Support

This is a scalable, configurable service offering to assist you with your upcoming salary review. The level of assistance you require depends on 1) the scope and complexity of your review, and 2) the strength and capacity of your existing resources.

We have assisted large MNCs (10,000+ employees in 15+ countries), midsize employers (5+ countries, 1,000+ employees) and smaller employers as well, just in the past year. Depending on your needs and internal resources, we can provide expertise, an additional set of hands, guidance, or even full accountability for performing the work.

See Annual Salary Review Support on our Compensation Design page.

Annual Salary Review Training

We have also created a 1-day and 2-day version of training for C&B managers and professionals responsible for managing and administering the annual salary review. This an intermediate course (not for newbies) covering in depth the unique aspects of running a salary review. Learners are assumed to know how conduct market benchmarking and use Excel. We will teach advanced Excel skills for creating a salary increase guide, i.e. merit matrix, based on performance rating and compa-ratio. We will also provide a basic template for a manager input tool used to allocate their budget to their team members.

Check out these courses on our Training Calendar.


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