Announcing Freelance Total Rewards

Hello and Happy New Year. I’m Tom Farmer and I’m entering a new phase in my career, freelancing in the areas of total rewards and mobility consulting/contract services. I’ve created this blogsite to help people see what I can offer, to help them succeed as rewards or mobility leaders. I’ve worked with some of the finest companies and HR leaders in the world, and I’ve learned much from those experiences. But I was always chasing after “KPO’s” set by someone else. I’ve decided it’s time to set my own course and see what I can do as an entrepreneur.

Watch this blog, as I have loads of stories, insights, quotes, humor and lessons learned over 20 years, which I am eager to share. It’s time to give back to my profession, and I hope this new adventure allows you to gain from my experiences, both the good and the bad.

Here’s a quote to kick off the year:

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.  –Dale Carnegie

By the way, the photo above is the San Bernardino Mountains in southern California. The highest peak is San Gorgonio mountain, at roughly 3,400 metres, or 11,500 feet. Taken last week with my iphone 5.

Have a great 2013!


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