Comp 102 Today!

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Teaching Comp 102 with SNEF today! Using fake data, we will grade a job using an online system (Paterson method), market price jobs using an online survey tool (RewardOnline) , build salary ranges 5 different ways, determine compa-ratios and recommend a salary increase budget. Tomorrow we will build a merit matrix and develop suggested increases for each employee based on rating and compa-ratio, plus learn to do Excel formulas, charting, pivot tables, conditional formatting and naming ranges. (For C&B people this is like eating dark chocolate for two days.)

Just ran Comp 101 last week covering basic theories and group exercises on total rewards, job evaluation and a promotion inbox exercise.

I’ve decided to introduce Comp 103 on Annual Incentives. Mark your calendar for 20/21 April.  Learn to develop a corporate incentive plan (variable bonus scheme.) On day 1 we will learn to design a performance-sharing plan (corp/unit/individual), profit-sharing and gainsharing plans. On day 2 we will learn sales compensation, covering commissions and target-based approaches. If your 2017 KPIs include incentive review or design, you should attend Comp 103-Annual Incentives.

Have a great week!

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