Results are In: What’s Next in Global Talent Mobility

With over forty responses from industry-leading companies based–or with major operations–in Asia, the Freelance Total Rewards Survey of Mobility Trends indicates the highest priority related to global mobility in 2013 is “alignment of global mobility with talent management”, with 69% of companies selecting this response (more than one response may be selected). Surprisingly, the second most selected priority–out of 15 possible responses–was “improving delivery of mobility services-both internal and external/vendor” with 66% of companies selecting the item.

Tied for third place were three areas: “update overall mobility policy“, “cost containment–reduction in the cost of international assignments” and “improve the global mobility value proposition to help attract and retain mobile talent.” Forty-nine percent of responding companies indicated these three were priorities in 2013.

The survey is anonymous. Participant companies are not disclosed. Survey respondents represented a mix of HR, rewards and mobility leaders, generally global or regional (Asia Pacific) function heads, representing some of the leading employers in their respective industries. Industry representation includes manufacturing, hospitality, high-tech, retail, consumer goods, transportation, pharmaceutical, automotive, insurance/financial and energy, with at least two leading companies in each sector represented in the survey. Total aggregate employee headcount for responding companies is above 5 million. Companies are headquartered in the U.S., Europe as well as Asia Pacific. No Latin American- or Middle East-based companies were among respondents. Results are indicative only, and may not describe the predominant trends within a specific industry or location.

I presented an analysis of the results on 16 May in Singapore at Key Media’s Second Annual Talent Mobility Congress, held at the Hilton Hotel. Contact me for a copy of the presentation.

If you wish to conduct an industry-specific survey of mobility or rewards practices, contact me at Fees are very affordable and depend on the size of the survey and the target participant group. Timing from start to finish is generally under 1 month. Refer to Rapid Research under Other Services for more details.


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