RewardOnline Singapore is now live!

Companies are joining 21st Century’s RewardOnline compensation survey for Singapore. SMEs, MNC regional offices and others are joining Singapore’s newest salary survey in many years. The 21st Century RewardOnline survey is an established survey in Africa, and has now entered Asia, and customised entirely for Singapore as the first priority Asia market:

  • over 1,000 standard benchmark jobs crossing all key functions and multiple job levels
  • salary figures in monthly (12 or 13 or 14 months) or annual
  • data filters for Singaporean/non-Singaporean and local/local plus
  • allowances: car, housing or local plus
  • short term incentives and sales commissions
  • long-term incentives (simplified)
  • benefits: CPF, medical (GH&S) insurance, outpatient/specialist allowance, flex, other
  • project/age/trend the data to a future date when retrieving or exporting online data
  • cross-correlation with Hay, Mercer, TW and other grading systems
  • audited and validated by EY annually

There is no deadline like other surveys: just submit your data, confirm/validate the matches and get immediate access to online data in a week or two along with market comparison reports. The survey is easy to complete, with only about 25 columns in the data template, unlike the big surveys that ask for more than 100 fields of data.

If your company cannot afford USD $5,000 to join the “big” surveys or lacks the C&B staff to satisfy their enormous data requirements, this survey is right for you. It’s easy to convert from your current survey, or run both surveys in parallel for the first year, since all jobs are matched to a level that can be converted to the most common level systems. Conversions have been validated by the big firms themselves.


As the exclusive representative for 21st Century in Singapore, Freelance Total Rewards is proud to present the RewardOnline survey to you, in the manner most convenient for you. Contact us for more information.




2 thoughts on “RewardOnline Singapore is now live!

  1. Tom

    This sounds like a great initiative and I will speak to my boss to see if it’s something of interest to Tata.

    I imagine you’re going to be pretty busy but would love to catch up for a coffee when you have time.

    All the best

    Lucy Lucy Dean +65 9147 5133


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